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Really helpfull and trustworthy. No messing, free collection and all convenient collection times!!!
Simple, quick, easy and fast collection.
Very good service :)
Great service, convenient collection times. I would definately use again
These guys were fast and efficient. The driver was extremely helpfull and helped me fill out all the relevant paperwork.
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Scrap Your Car | Dealer | Buyer | Collection - Speedy Scrap Car

There are many reasons why you may wish to scrap cars in the UK. It may have failed its MOT, it may be simply unwanted or it may still run, but you may like the idea of making money not only from its metal, but also a host of other components.

It is, however, often more difficult than you might initially imagine to find a great company that specialises in buying repairable vehicles. After all, when you come to search for such a firm, you will inevitably want not just the best possible price for your unwanted vehicle, but also the right standard of service across the board.

Contact our team to be guided through the entire sale process, by calling 03333 44 55 05 now.

We cover the whole of the UK, not only providing the best scrap car prices but also collecting vehicles for free, and at convenient times. We use environmentally approved recycling facilities and even help you with the completion of those vital DVLA forms, so why wait any longer to scrap your car?

It's very easy to get the process of selling your car scrap underway. If you would prefer not to call us, you can simply complete and submit our online collection form, giving us details such as the make and model of your vehicle, as well as an email address and phone number so that we can get back in touch with you to present a no obligation quote.

Our extensive network of collectors allows us to offer the most competitive possible prices for scrap cars, but much more important than that, in many ways, is our pledge to actually pay you what we quote you via email or phone.

Why? Well, when many people think, "with which company should I scrapping a car with?” they are often deterred somewhat by the industry's rather unfortunate reputation. This bad reputation has arisen from the great number of firms in recent years that have consistently overcharged customers, often imposing nasty hidden collection fees or bartering on the previously agreed price when the driver comes to collect the vehicle.

Our company has a better attitude to our customers. We not only bring you the benefit of the best prices, but also stick to the previously agreed price and remove all of the hassle and confusion from the process of selling your repairable vehicle.

We employ drivers that are friendly, helpful and professional, not only turning up on time and at a convenient time for you, based on your other commitments, but also paying you in cash on the day. They will also help you to complete the vital DVLA forms, in addition to issuing a certificate of destruction (COD) on request.

Making use of only environmentally approved recycling facilities, we recycle as much of your vehicle as possible. This is one reason why we can be so generous with our prices in the first place, and of course, it is also very ethical in an age in which we are all thinking about how we can better protect our planet.

So, why wait any longer? Call our professional and capable team on 03333 44 55 05 today for more information about our complete service and great prices.